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Trying to Make the Most of Temporary Partial Disability

I’m not working full time right now, but it’s not by choice. I wish it was by choice. I wish I earned enough to just say, “you know what boss, I’m going down to twenty hours a week.” Then, I could be enjoying my extra time off instead of sitting around moping.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m on temporary disability, which means I can work but only sorta-kinda work, within certain limits.

What happened was I slipped at work a couple weeks ago, and I’m now only able to stand for about twenty hours a week. Since my job requires I stand the whole time, I can only work part-time. The rest of the time, I go home to my couch and get down to some serious moping.

That’s not completely true. I also spend some time at a physical therapist. Then I go home and mope.

It’s nice that I’m at least getting some compensation for all this moping. I’m not getting my full wages, but 2/3 isn’t bad when I’m not actually contributing anything to my job. I’d still rather be making the full amount and not moping, but what can I do? The doctor says I’ll be out like this for at least six months.

That question—what can I do?—has been on my mind a lot lately. At first, I thought I’d just try to relax while I’m stuck on my sofa resting my knee. I planned to rent a lot of movies and play a lot of video games. Now, though, I think I might try to be more proactive.

For instance, I’ve wanted to get back to school for a while and to retrain for some other kind of work. I work in a warehouse right now, which is fine, but I think I’d be happier elsewhere, I just don’t have the qualifications.

Well, now I’ve got the opportunity. I just need to settle on something to study. Part of me wants to get a new degree in something exciting like a foreign language. I could learn a new language and maybe try to work abroad. I could be a translator or something. But is that realistic? I don’t know.

Another part of me wants to go boring but lucrative, like studying office management so I’m sure to find a position when I’m done. But would I be any happier in that work? Wealthier, yes, but happier?

It’s a difficult decision to make, and I need to make it soon. The online school I’ve applied to starts in two weeks, and I want to get going now so that by the time I’m back at work full time, I have a full semester under my belt.

Do I go with the romantic language dream or the boring, steady office dream?

Hey, no matter the choice, it beats moping, right?