Mistakes that Lead to More Tragic Aviation Accidents

According to the International Air Transport Association, there were 38 million flights in 2014 which carried about 3.3 billion people to different parts of the globe. From 2011 to 2013, US’ yearly shares of passengers were 734 million, 739 million and 744 million.

With only 600+ casualties every year, the Aviation Safety Network, as well as many other transportation authorities, believes that air travel is still the fastest and safest means of long-distance transportation. It is true, however, that despite the rarity of accidents, if ever one does occur, consequences are often tragic, resulting to trauma, severe injuries or death.

Whenever a commercial plane gets involved in an accident, the most often thought-of cause of the accident is pilot error. While many accidents in the past have indeed been due to this particular cause, there are other causes which have resulted to more tragic results, such as faulty airplane part which is actually a manufacturing defect, a ground maintenance worker failing to detect a damaged part, or a mistake committed by an air traffic controller. It is any one of these mistakes which, more than pilot error, has resulted to a plane crashing or two planes colliding with each other, killing everyone on board, both passengers and crew.

On its website, the firm Williams Kherkher explains that the government has assigned a preset compensation value for each passenger onboard a plane that meets an accident. Despite this preset amount of compensation, passengers are not refrained from taking further legal action against the airline company and all others connected to the accident. Passenger should know, however, that law firms are prohibited by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) from contacting them or their families within 45 days after the accident; there is no rule, though, which prohibits passengers from initiating the communication with an aviation accident or personal injury lawyer.

Since airline and insurance companies are very likely to settle with the victims within days after the accident, it is very important for the victims to first fully know their rights regarding compensation.